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31 January 2013 @ 11:51 pm
Edition 170  
Fanfic: Derek/Stiles
To build a mockingdesk by FireWithFire (Teen)
In Other Words, I... by Writing Is My Therapy (Fall) (Teen)
Bloom by blue_rocket_frost (Teen)
Underwater by cellarprincess (Mature)
Caught Up (or: Derek is a Weregnat) by blue_rocket_frost (General)
http://archiveofourown.org/works/663516 by CupcakeTerminal (General)
Someday Soon by CupcakeTerminal (General)
Epitaph by CupcakeTerminal (Teen)
I Could Close the Curtain (But This is Too Much Fun) by KathSilver (Mature)
Confucius Says by sherunswithwolves (Teen)
there's a hole in my pocket by greeneyescurlyfries (be_my_sun_and_stars) (General)
Because pot brownies are so last year. by fitzefitcher (Teen)
Love is a Great Distraction by CupcakeTerminal (Mature)
Recipe for Failure by limenitis_arthemis (Mature)
Interludio by inlightofvisa (General)
Love is a Warm Bowl of Soup by idareu2bme (General)
Celebrity Crush by softywolf (Explicit)
The Killer In You by thefangirlingdead (Mature)
Like you mean it (like you need it) by kleinefee92 (General)
Cake Murder by pterawaters (Explicit)
There Should Be A Handbook For This by jettiebettie (Teen)
Stairway To Heaven by FireEverything (Teen)
Are We Mates Or Not? by Fanfictionreader (Explicit)

Fanfic: Other Slash
Prey by fluffyllama (Peter/Stiles | R)
A Little Mystery to Figure Out [Chapter 2 of 4 ] by molodoo (Scott/Stiles | Explicit )
Tell Me a Tale by kisforjurama and smallearthcat (Stiles/Danny | General)
Promise by lj_todd (Peter/Stiles | General)
A Fever Moon by listedheart (Danny/Stiles | Explicit)
Ink on Skin by dalex_allen (Isaac/Scott | Explicit)
What We Have, We Have To Share by Cheylock (Isaac/Scott | Teen)

Fanfic: Het
You Are The Ocean (And I'm Good At Drowning) by clavicular (Chris/Lydia | Explicit)
The Maiden and the Wolf by einfach_mich (Derek/Lydia | Teen)

Fanfic: Gen
Acrid by Vampira Maxwell (traciller) (General)
What The Hell Is A Doppel? by CupcakeTerminal (General)

Fanfic: Other
It's Called a Heart Boner by RemainNameless (Derek/Stiles, Derek/Danny, Lydia/Jackson, Allison/Scott, Isaac/Danny, Vernon/Erica | Mature)
The Thin Wall by Tassos (Derek/Stiles, Derek/Erica, Vernon/Erica | Explicit)
The Stilinski Journals by Altrutix (Derek/Stiles, Isaac/Scott, Allison/Erica, Lydia/Jackson, Matt/Danny, Vernon/Laura | Teen)
With All Their Might by bewarethesmirk (Derek/Stiles, Lydia/Erica, Allison/Scott, Kate/Derek |Explicit)
Break Me Like A Promise by Sidara (The Avengers Crossover, Derek/Stiles, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark | General)

Challenges and Memes
New Round! at perverse_bang
New Round! at werewolfbigbang

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cracks in the facade: tw- posey handdephigravity on February 1st, 2013 06:57 pm (UTC)
Psst, you have a link as a title in the Sterek section. :)