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24 January 2014 @ 10:52 pm
Edition 492  
In The End, Our Memories Are All We Have by witchyemerald (Mature | 2.5k)
That Time Derek Took an Arrow to the Knee by eeyore9990 (Mature | 6k)
Have My Heart by GotTheSilver (Mature | 3.5k) [Underage]
Maybe You're Right by queenofday (Explicit | 2k) [Underage]
I Wish You Would Stop (but not really) by SterekMuch (Mature | 1.5k)
Cerise by LPM (Mature | 4k)
The Truth Doesn't Always Hurt by SterekMuch (Mature | 2k)
Becoming Whole by Sapphirethief (Mature | 650)
As You Wish by runswithwolves (ConstantComment) (Explicit | 4.5k)
dumb things i wrote on tumblr by takeittothestars (General Audiences | 2.5k)
Tethered (by the thinnest thread) by dreamerjules (jelaine3) (General Audiences | 4.5k)
Mating Fever by Livvyham (Explicit | 40k) [Underage]
Let's Waste Time Chasing Cars by IAmSherlocked (Not Rated | 2k)
Speaking in Tongues by d0t (Explicit | 1k)
Under Control by PrincezzShell101 (Explicit | 3k)
I'm Different by starbl (Explicit | 2.5k)

Other Slash
The Many Uses of Chaotic Neutral by BootsnBlossoms (Peter/Stiles | Explicit | 5k)
What You Do in Those Deleted Scenes by badwrongbitch (bitchinachinashop) (Agent McCall/Stiles | Explicit | 750)
Painting Circles by PunkPinkPower (Danny/Isaac | General Audiences | 900)
Late Night Tip Toe by moonstalker24 (Peter/Stiles | General Audiences | 500)

It's a Werewolf Thing by Mcdannolovingangel (Derek/OFC | Teen | 2k)

The Joys of Eager Boyfriends by Sybilina (Allison/Scott/Isaac | Explicit | 5k)

Multiple Pairings/Pack
Amalgamation by NefarioussNess (Mature | 1.5k)
Uncle Derek Loves Peter Pan by HaleStilinski (Not Rated | 2k)
Nox by SydnieWren (Explicit | 3.5k)
A Dish Best Served Acrylic by HugeAlienPie (General Audiences | 4k)

All the Missing Crooked Hearts by littlemel (Ian Bohen/Holland Roden | Teen | 2k)
not french and probably a mistake by bleep0bleep (Derek/Stiles, Tyler Hoechlin/Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Hoechlin/Stiles, Derek/Dylan O'Brien | Explicit | 2k)

Victrix by Siria (General Audiences | 1.5k)

Crossovers & Fusions
Weevil Hunting by raktajinos (Torchwood Crossover, Chris/Jack Harkness | PG-13 | 2k)
not your typical saviour by Sa_kun (Supernatural Crossover, Derek/Stiles | Mature | 2.5k)

Tethered by Surreal (Derek/Stiles | Not Rated)
The Butt Is A Gift by wielka_mi_mecyja (Derek/Stiles | Mature)

SCREENCAPS: [315] - HD/LOGOLESS by fandom_forever

Heart's Desire written by dsudis read by mothlights (Derek/Stiles | Teen | 24:39)

They came out of the dark... by Marcielles_Musings (General Audiences | Gen)
Starts With "F"... by reliand (Derek/Stiles, Rafael McCall/Stiles | Mature) [NSFW]

challenge 52 winners at teenwolf_elite

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pterawaterspterawaters on January 24th, 2014 11:52 pm (UTC)
Title: With claws and teeth
Pairing/Gen: Gen
Rating: T (violence)
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1149438
dirty_violetsdirty_violets on January 26th, 2014 09:41 am (UTC)
Because I accidentally posted the Wed edition to my personal journal our edition numbers ended up out of order. Can you please change this edition to 493? Then we'll be back on track.

Thanks and sorry for the mix-up.


Edited at 2014-01-26 09:42 am (UTC)